Branding: Berkhamsted

A rebrand to combine a proud heritage with unlimited potential

Berkhamsted School had acquired a number of schools and needed to create a cohesive visual and verbal language to unite them all within the umbrella of Berkhamsted Schools Group.

Working with the Exec Creative Director, I ran a discovery phase interviewing parents, students and staff to discover current perceptions of the brand, which highlighted common experiences that we could expand on for the entire group. Enhancing the respect many had for the proud history of the school, as well as its progressive nature, we focused on an overarching concept 'proud of our past, focused on your future'.

I created a verbal identity for the Group, with an expression of the brand's personality and tone of voice with specific guidelines for different usages. Collaborating with a visual designer, we created an extensive Brand Bible for the group, ensuring the identity could be cohesively carried out.

While overseeing the creation of the identity, I also contributed copy to and art direction of a print campaign to raise awareness of the school's fresh new identity, a new website, and other collateral for the Group including new prospectuses.

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