Campaign: Automic

Iconic characters to raise the profile for an IT company behind iconic TV

IT automation company Automic required a digital media campaign to promote their services. Two main concepts were created, both united by a striking visual style that catches the eye, feeling understated but powerful - much like Automic's own offering, which runs in the background for several massive names, including Netflix.

Concept one utilised iconic quotes from celebrities who embody the idea of being 'agile' - including Muhammed Ali's 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' reflecting Automic's ability to get up and running quickly, with powerful effects.

A second wave of ads used Netflix shows to promote Automic as the service that powers the popular streaming app - again using iconic characters and quotes relating to the idea of doing things differently (reflecting the brand's unusual approach to agile automation) or simply using links to Netflix shows to give weight and reputation to Automic's name.