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Creating pockets of personality for the cruise liner's interiors - from Mareel, the ultimate in zen relaxation, through to a smoky jazz bar and bright rooftop sun-deck.


Brand strategy

Verbal identity

Creative direction

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A sanctuary of relaxation floating in the middle of the sea. With a name taken from the glowing ocean phenomenon, with a pleasantly lilting, wave-like sound, an experience in this spa promises a natural glow from the inside out.

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A sultry jazz bar filled with plush velvet and lingering glances from across the room - and a name inspired by the Hollywood greats who've graced Cunard with their presence. 

A top-deck, sun-washed beach bar with a tropical feel, and a name inspired by the way the sun twinkles on the water. 

A greenhouse inspired chill-out area that's garden party ready, with a name inspired by Cunard's British legacy.

All coming soon to a cruise ship near you.

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